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New parents and parents-to-be have enough to worry about (taking care of their soon-to-be newborn and maybe even other children), so I want to make it as easy as possible to find resources that help and support families apart from my doula and health coaching scopes of practice.

The below practitioners, fellow birthworkers, and service providers are all people that I trust you’ll be in good hands with. Additionally, I’ve listed literature I often recommend to my clients.



Pentz Family Life Center - 843-879-9824

Childbirth Educators: 

Viumbe Massage & Doula Services - 843-695-7382

Mother's Helper - 843-744-4777



Lactation Consultations:

Breastfeeding Center of Charleston - 843-737-9494

Lowcountry Lactation Station - 843-532-6310

Postpartum Depression Resources/Support Groups :

Postpartum Support Charleston - 843-410-3585

Postpartum Doulas:

Sacred Bee Doula - 843-345-6597

Professional Doulas of Charleston - 843-818-1123

Single Parenting Groups:

Berkeley First Steps - 843-863-3030

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